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Uploading your designs on our website opens up a world of opportunities to showcase your creativity, build your brand, and connect with a wider audience.

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By implementing a secure payment system, offering clear and transparent pricing, and streamlining order and delivery processes, we ensure that transactions are managed smoothly from start to finish

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At New House Designing, we are committed to delivering your products promptly, reliably, and with utmost care. From efficient order processing and reliable shipping partners to responsive customer support

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Good Margin

Unlock greater profitability with our generous margins.

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Experience unparalleled excellence with our superior quality.

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We send your designs to clients and maintain track of shipments.

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application. Creating an account with us is free of charge.

We Manage Transactions

When buyers buy your designs, we take care of the full payment

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We offer a cutting-edge customer support team to handle any issue